We Focus On Delighting Customers

And as a customer- you control what features we build.

Feature Requests

We get a lot of questions from people wondering how we choose which features to add to our software, why we build the features the way we do, and how we plan to improve them. More times than not, the answer comes down to delighting our schools. Need a new feature? Simply ask and we will get to work to see what we can do- if other schools like your request we build it!


The way we see it, our features are only as valuable as they are being used—often. And people won’t use those features if they’re not delightful experiences. This is why we spend countless hours making sure we are building software that will be adopted.


We believe anything we create must be intuitive and easy to use. The layout should be neat and clean. And the features, the things that will address those business problems, need to be things that can be easily integrated into the daily habits and routines of the people they serve.

We spend countless hours whittling down to the absolute core elements of a feature that will help our customers—even if it means dropping “cool” features. Because simplicity leads to (quick) delightful experiences. But more than that, simplicity leads to people actually using the thing.

New feature tests

We validate the usefulness of every new feature with customer visits, usability labs, beta tests, and early access feedback. We put each feature through the rigamarole before it ever sees the light of day.

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