Recording incidents should be painless

Save time, go paperless and streamline your incident recording processes.

Incident reporting just got better

Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures with Medical Tracker's incident reporting system. Our software allows you to quickly and securely record any medical related incident in one easy-to-use system from a small scrape to a serious RIDDOR reportable incident.

Stress-free transition

It’s easy to switch to Medical Tracker's care plan module regardless of your experience. Our Department for Education compliant care plans are easy to create, edit and export.

Real-time incident reporting

With real-time software, you can access current data from any device without worrying about inaccurate or old data. Get exactly the right data from Medical Tracker, exactly when you need it on one centralised platform. No more hand-written paper records to sift through.

Our customers

Join Medical tracker and over 500 schools to manage accidents, illnesses, injury & medication the right way.