Medication administration shouldn't be a headache

An intuitive interface and powerful reporting will turn you into a medication administration rock star!!

New legislation has been passed to allow schools in the UK to keep spare adrenaline auto injectors (AAIs) for emergency use from 01 October 2017.

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We're transforming medication records

Medical Tracker's medication use module turns tedious recording into a few clicks...

You shouldn't need a degree to track medication data! Conkaa's Medical Tracker's software is so simple anyone can use it. All your medication administration data in one place, reporting is a breeze, pre-populated fields saves you time and now you can focus on the student's needs, not paper.

Real-time medication administration software. No, seriously.

Stop worrying about old and inaccurate data. Access current medication administration data from your medical tracker software no matter where you are. Get exactly the right information, exactly when you need it.

Medical Tracker's software runs in the cloud. It's a year-to-year subscription that can't be beat in price for performance.

And you won't find software that's easier than Medical Tracker. An intuitive interface and powerful reporting will turn you into a medication administration rock star!

Professional timeline

You can create a in-depth report for every student of when they took their medication at school- great if a student is visiting their medical professional.

Reminders and reports? Included!

Want your online medical software to create reminder reports? A list refreshed every morning so you know who, what medication, the dosage and when they need to take their medication that day. It's a breeze. Just hit print.

Have you ever imagined a system that automatically lets you know the timing and dosage of student medication needs? So did we!

Flexibility, control and customisation

Customisation of your Medical Tracker information system is easy! Set up your system in a way that's perfect for you. Create unlimited users with different access levels so they can access the modules they need to- medical records have never been so easy!

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