Improve the way you manage your academies

Medical Tracker’s #1 H & S software for educational establishments sets you free to do great work.

Why Medical Tracker?

Health and Safety in academies isn’t about chasing emails, creating reports from data and wasting time on menial tasks. That’s why we created MAT Medical Tracker: the online health and safety management system designed specifically for MATs that makes time for the work you were meant to do. But change can be hard. So here’s our promise: Medical Tracker guarantees your success when changing from current systems to our intuitive online health and safety management software.

Paperwork just can’t compete

Our expert implementation team will have you, and your academies, freed up from paperwork in no time, and totally in love with your job again. Imagine having all of your academies H & S data secure in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. In beautiful reports. You can access their data, too, so it won’t take your time to make sure your academies are up-to-date. And when was the last time their paperwork sent you an instant notification when a RIDDOR reportable incident was recorded in a school hundreds of miles away?

Not too big. Not too small

As a small company, we know how challenging it can be to find solutions and pricing that fit. So we’ve created a flexible core H&S system and pricing model that adapt to your changing needs. And we’ve packaged it in the most user-friendly way. That’s why MAT Medical Tracker is so refreshingly simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful.

Our customers

Join Medical tracker and over 500 schools to manage accidents, illnesses, injury & medication the right way.