Parent & school communication

Build strong communication between schools, parents and students.

Parent Email Alerts? In just two clicks!

You know, straight away after recording an incident you then have to juggle the tasks of ensuring the teacher knows, the parent/ carer is notified and, in most situations, treating another student. With Medical Tracker notifications can be sent in just two clicks. Medical Tracker makes it easy.

Receive parent replies

Simple notification system makes everything more efficient, parents/ carers can easily reply to notifications. They will go directly to the email address you select. It’s important to stay in-the-know.

Full communication history

Save time and keep track of communication with parents and carers more efficiently than previously. Need to check if a parent has been notified? Check if it was by phone, email, letter or text? It's a breeze with our notifications module.

Our customers

Join Medical tracker and over 500 schools to manage accidents, illnesses, injury & medication the right way.