Fast and effective reporting

View and share interactive reports and analytics in real time with a single click – no more waiting for data to be manually analysed. Complete your Governors reports in seconds and easily drill into reports to get more detail.

Medical Tracker has a number of basic and advanced reports: locations, medication, by gender, by year or class, Governor and much more- all prepared with a single click.

Reports for your school’s Governor meetings created in seconds; full analysis to ensure you are meeting Department for Education requirements- saving you hours.

Create reports by date range to find out if any particular issues are causing more incidents or if H & S initiatives are reducing instances.

Print medication reports to show parents when their child has taken their medication with the dosage, the date and time- great for meetings with their nurse. Also, create a daily report to show when students need to take medication each day- great if your Lead First Aider is off.

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