Need Custom Reports? No Problem!

View and share interactive reports and analytics in real time with a single click.

Gain instant insights

Quick. Custom. Precise. Medical Tracker's reports make it easy to create detailed reports on almost any data in the system with just a few clicks. Be proactive instead of reactive. Analyse data instead of compiling it. Be the strategic medical professional you were meant to be.

Proactive Reporting

Pending health and safety governor meetings and frantic head teachers won’t be the only reason you pull reports anymore. Because they’re so easy to create, you can use reports to make strategic, proactive decisions that positively affect your students. It will become the difference between just recording incidents and reducing incidents.

Save Time

Health and Safety Officers spend hours creating reports, but with Medical Tracker reporting software you’ll only spend a small fraction of that time. You’re only a few clicks away from the medical and H & S reports you need. And ones you’ve always wanted, but never had time for.

Customizable Reports and Filtering Options

The reporting library has great options to get you started—like top 10 first aid room visitors and high risk location reports—but you’ll also be able to create custom Medical Tracker reports that show exactly what you need. Plus, you can filter the reports to show exactly who you need.

Medical Tracker Analytics

According to our calculations, you’re about to be at least 1000 percent better at medical and H & S analytics (give or take). Our reporting makes analytics easy, so you can get increased insight without forcing yourself to gather, sort, or crunch data. Leave that to the software.

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