Improved school communication

Keeping staff up to speed with instant notifications

Automated Email Alerts? Say What?

You know, life can be pretty great working in a school, but we would venture to say that working in a school is rarely a relaxing job. Juggling all the aspects of school life let alone having to ensure you are fully Health and Safety compliant! That's why Medical Tracker automatically sends you automated email notifications to keep you up to date about the incidents occurring in your school.

Send direct messages to colleagues

School life can be crazy and keeping necessary staff up to date about first aid incidents or medication administration is near impossible!

But Medical Tracker is here to help. Simple internal notifications can now be sent in seconds to keep staff up to date and a full communication trial is linked to the incident. It's never been easier.

Medication Expiry

Our medication expiry tracking system lets you take control. Automated notifications to key staff members make it easy to ensure you will have no problems with expired medication (and at the click of a button keep parents up-to-date!). We even have an colour coded key. The hard part will be deciding what to do with all your spare time.

First Aid Qualification Expiry

Do you know when your staffs' first aid qualifications are due to expire? Would you like a software to automatically update your office staff and qualification holder eight weeks prior to the expiry date to notify them? Medical Tracker makes it easy. It's a breeze.

Increasing Efficiency

Because our automated notification system makes everything more efficient, you’ll be able to save time and action certain important incidents more quickly than previously. Want to notify teachers of injuries or illness, health and safety officers of serious incidents or the attendance officer when a student goes home? It's a breeze with our automated notifications.

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