RIDDOR Incidents- Simplified!

Simple compliance for students, staff and visitors.

Master RIDDOR reports

RIDDOR reportable incidents to stay compliant? Check. Health and Safety Executive drop downs. Check. Instantly notifies your school's Health and Safety Officer when a RIDDOR reportable incident is saved? Check. Track all RIDDOR reportable incidents for students and staff in one secure database that's accessible from anywhere? Check.

Accurate and Organised

It’s difficult to be accurate when H & S data is jumbled into spreadsheets and paper files. With your data stored in one easy-to-review database, you’ll be able to check and rest assured that your data is accurate. And organised.

Compliant and Secure

You’re not just tracking trivial incidents. You’re tracking serious incidents that legally have to be reported. Because of that, our system not only ensures accuracy for compliance, but we take extra precautions to provide bank-level security for your data.

Master Near Miss Reports

Medical Tracker allows you to track pretty much any H & S related incident including Near Miss incidents. If you’re tracking it on spreadsheets or paper, we can likely think of a more efficient way of tracking on Medical Tracker including your Near Miss incidents.

Historical Data

Our Health & Safety management software doesn’t kick out the old when you bring in the new. We’ll keep track of historical data you might need later in line with guidelines for your school.

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