Control all access to student records and medical data

GDPR complient data access managment. Limit access to each student's file to authorized staff and teachers only

Access just got better

Medical Tracker's software is a breeze! With simple new user requests, pre-defined users and email onboarding for new users ensuring your staff have access to Medical Tracker couldn’t be easier.

Real-time syncing

With real-time software, users can access current data from any device without worrying about inaccurate or old data. Get exactly the right data from Medical Tracker, exactly when they need it on one centralised platform. No more hand-written paper records to sift through. And best of all-- all data is live so no matter if how many users are logged-in at once your data is perfectly accurate.

Automated notifications? Included!

Want to notify teachers of injuries or illness, health and safety officers of serious incidents or the attendance officer when a student goes home? It's a breeze with our automated user notifications.

Our customers

Join Medical tracker and over 500 schools to manage accidents, illnesses, injury & medication the right way.