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Health and Safety isn’t about chasing emails, creating reports from data, chasing teachers to give parents bumped head slips and wasting time on menial tasks. That’s why we created Medical Tracker: the online health and safety management system designed specifically for schools that makes time for the work you were meant to do. But change can be hard. So here’s our promise: Medical Tracker guarantees your success when changing from current systems to our intuitive online health and safety management software.

“We’re much more compliant and efficient now”. – Hawthorn Tree Primary School

Paperwork just can’t compete.

Do you look at your school’s paper medical records and feel confident that they are all there and they are 100% accurate?

A lot of people are distrustful of paper records. There are a lot of issues surrounding efficiency, storage and even ensuring DfE statutory guidelines are met. Apart from the physical differences between paper records and an online paperless system, there are several distinct features of electronic medical records that are beneficial, making the transition from filing cabinet to secure cloud storage worth it.

Imagine having all of your students' medical data secure in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. In beautiful reports. And when was the last time their paperwork sent you an instant notification when a serious incident occured?

Readability and Accuracy

Paper medical records are sometimes difficult to read and understand due to eligibility issues. A number of employees will record incidents meaning different levels of penmanship. We have come across a school that re-writes all records after they are created by staff throughout the day- this is a time-consuming task.

Schools are also often unaware of the Department for Education guidelines surrounding medication and first aid meaning necessary records and information are not record.


Often, if paper medical records need to be found, they must be recovered – perhaps from a school’s basement or stockroom – then mailed or scanned and sent via email — a time-consuming process. However, the use of electronic medical records allows school staff to access the information they need almost instantly.


Schools are expected to keep student records, which includes medical records, until a student is 25 years old. This means all the handwritten first aid and medication administration records need to be stored. Not only do those records take up space, but they are also very hard to find if an incident needs to be investigated months, or years, after an incident occurs. Electronic records, however, can be stored in a private and secure cloud, allowing the use of fewer resources and providing easier access by those who need them.

“It also keeps records in once central place that is easily accessed”. – South Shields Community School

Just the right size.

As a small company, with an ex-School Business Manager as a director, we know how challenging it can be to find solutions and pricing that fit. So we’ve created a flexible core H&S system and pricing model that adapt to your changing needs. And we’ve packaged it in the most user-friendly way. That’s why Medical Tracker is so refreshingly simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful.

Access data and reports at the click of a button- no more manual data collecting. Be reassured that your school is meeting statutory DfE guidelines. Receive automated notifications when particular incidents are recorded. Integrate with your Management Information System e.g. Capita SIMS

“The email notification reminder that children’s medication will be expiring is brilliant”. – Cuckoo Hall Academy Trust

Headache free medical software.

Technology can be clunky. We get that. So we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Transitioning to Medical Tracker software is easy. Using it is easy. And loving it is easiest of all. Especially when you need visibility across your whole school and instant reports. Because they’re all just a few clicks away.

“Medical Tracker helps us to comply with Ofsted guidelines for medication tracking and first aid reporting”. – South Shields Community School

Medical Tracker to the rescue

We’re all about making sure you have a great experience with our software. Our real, live customer support team will go out of their way to help you-by phone or by email. For free. We also have free video tutorials, training webinars, whitepapers, and a great knowledgebase you can access 24/7.

“Meanwhile, data is kept safe in a secure offsite location and to much higher standards that we could realistically achieve through a server-based solution in school”. – St Anne’s Infants School

A ton of value for a tiny investment.

If you haven’t already compared pricing, we encourage you to do so. You’ll find our Medical Tracker software really is the best value. Simply pay a yearly subscription based on how many students you have. That’s it. There’s no extra charge for customisation, multiple administrators, enhanced features or support.

"This system has made the medical provision in our school more streamed lined, efficient and effective. They constantly ask for feedback and new ideas. The ideas and suggestions you make are taken into consideration and you often see these changes implemented almost straight away." Craig Wain, Oakington Manor School

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