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Remove paper records in your school or trust

The UK's leading cloud-based system for student and staff health management.

  • Get rid of slip notifications and accident books
  • Centralise your records so everything is in one place
  • Simple and easy to use for all staff

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Medical tracker dashboard


Medical Tracker is used by 25,000+ school staff within one thousand schools across the UK & Europe.

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Ofsted’s questions were answered in less than 15 minutes. Our medical room cannot operate without this!


Improve procedures in your school or trust

Manage And Track IncidentsManage and track incidents

Easily manage student safety, school liability and risk management obligations by capturing the right data.

Manage Medical ConditionsManage Medical conditions 

Share life-saving information, track prescribed medication and save time whilst safeguarding students. 

Track Medication ExpiryTrack medication expiry dates 

Receive automated notifications and instantly inform parents to ensure that medication does not expire. 

Notification form

Streamlined communication

Keep parents up-to-date instantly, save admin time and reduce costs with a full audit trail of all communication. 

covid19 reportingCovid-19 reporting 

Ensures students and staff with COVID-19 symptoms are identified, risks are mitigated and a safe school environment is maintained. 

LFT Home PageLateral flow test results

A simple, time-saving platform to help schools manage onsite and home testing of staff and students. Schools can get set up in minutes through their Groupcall MIS connection.

Integrate your existing MIS

Effortlessly import your MIS data.  Every 24 hours, your school's data will synchronise automatically.


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Synchronise student records 

Automatically import data with your MIS to Keep everything up to date.

  Student Details
Emergency contacts
Medical conditions
GP Details
Synchronise student records

Synchronise staff records 

Automatically import data with your MIS to Keep everything up to date.

  Staff contact emails
Registration group
Staff photos
Staff locations
Synchronise staff records

Loved by customers.


Customer Stories

With simple to use drop-downs Medical Tracker enables schools to ensure the safeguarding of students by recording accurate information about their medication needs, health plans and first aid incidents.
Lisa Bub | ICT Officer
Schools no longer have mountains of paperwork or have to send paper slips home to parents. Considering all this information has to be saved until a student is 25 years old this not only saves paperwork but a lot of time!
Susan Fletche | Senior Admin Officer

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"It's a really simple solution to a complex problem. I can't think why no one has come up with it before now. It’s also easy to get support and the system is being developed all the time."

Hawthorn Tree School