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GDPR Medical Information permissions and visibilities

Manage user permissions and visibilities across your Medical Tracker software. Share only the information and contact details that are necessary to certain user groups and stay GDPR compliant.

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A nursery worker accesses her Medical Tracker information via her mobile.

Manage who can see medical information.

From headteachers to temporary holiday club staff, every team member can record medical incidents via a computer or hand-held device. Administrators have granular control over user permissions helping improve data security.

Managing permissions to online medical software.

Keep all special medical data safe.

Medical information is special category data that must be kept safe. Paper-based accident books can be left lying around and are prone to data breaches through accidental loss or misplacement. All special category data is kept safe using GDPR-compliant practices online.

Keep medical special data safe with Medical Tracker.

Track the whole school picture of health and wellbeing.

Account admins are able to access all reports, recorded incidents and witness statements. Allowing a whole school picture of medical provision across your school.

Medical and health custom report graph.

Notification settings for school leadership.

As a busy school leader, you may not want to receive every bumped-head notification. Notifications can be altered to notify when a child's injury results in hospitalisation, keeping you aware of all serious incidents across the school.

Notification settings for school leadership.

Why schools love Medical Tracker

Medical Tracker has helped us electronically and professionally upload accident/incidents of children in a quicker and more efficient way. We have also been able to store children's care plans, and upload onto Medical Tracker any medication required for children.
Nicola Jackson
Administrative Officer
It helps me with our site manager and look at health and safety improvements. For example, In technology, the bulk of our injuries were eye injuries and it was through not wearing safety goggles. So we were able to locate what health and safety issues are happening in departments.
Judy Wilson
School Nurse

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