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Online Medical Software for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

First aid and health management software.

Medical Tracker helps MAT CEOs track health and safety risks across all schools, ensure DfE compliance for MAT-wide first aid provision, and improve health tracking processes.

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CEO first aid management software

🎉 Trusted by 75,000+ staff in 2,000+ schools

North Star Community Trust Harris Federation Kingsbridge Educational Trust Step Academy Trust Maritime Academy Trust University of Brighton Academies Trust Cognita Aquila Trust Cavendish Learning Trust The Howard Partnership Trust

Let’s explore why Medical Tracker is loved and used by Multi Academy Trusts



Have an executive view all recorded first aid incidents

Each school in the MAT has their own account, updated every 24 hours to their MIS system. MAT CEOs can monitor the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and pupils across each school using Medical Tracker’s first aid tracking software. Recorded first aid incidents, near miss injury concerns and school accident hotspots are monitored.


Cost-effective first aid tracking software

Schools are often looking for ways to save money. Medical Tracker is the leading UK cost-effective approach to medical management in your MAT. Time is money, save admin time for teachers and the office team by going paperless. Medical Tracker automatically notifies parents of injuries, reminds parents of expiring medication and allows instant parent approval for medicine use in school.


DfE first aid compliance across your MAT

Achieving consistency across a Multi Academy Trusts is a challenge. Health, safety and wellbeing is an area where consistency is non-negotiable. By using one system MAT-wide, your monitoring, reporting and evaluating becomes easier. Medical Tracker surpasses DfE first aid guidance and records and reports medical incidents efficiently.

Medical Tracker helps CEOs to track health and safety incidents across the MAT


Notify parents of child injury automatically

All parents across every school in your MAT should receive the same high-quality information surrounding their child’s injury or illness. Medical Tracker’s online first aid software ensures consistently high-quality communication to parents by using a free parent notification template. This template surpasses the DfE first aid guidance requirements for recording and reporting injuries in school.


DfE statutory required information for first aid

Each incident takes just 30 seconds to input into the cloud-based system, with must-complete sections included on each incident form. Medical Tracker’s injury and incident reporting system is DfE compliant as well as comprehensive.


Automated forms for recording first aid incidents

Spelling matters when filling in important forms especially when using an online accident book, the comprehensive drop-down lists available for injury and incidents removes user error and makes creating comparative reports easy.


Online first aid software for MATs, DfE compliant


Compare risk and injury reports across MAT schools

Create in-depth first aid reports at the click of a button to compare the number of incidents, EHCPs, first-aid trained staff, and injury hotspots across one school or the whole MAT. Medical Tracker is the UK’s leading provider for first aid tracking for MATs


Highlight ineffective and good health and risk-management practice

Having multiple serious injuries in an outdoor space? Demonstrate to governing boards and trustees the impact of risk-reducing spending in schools through graphs to show incident rates before and after.


School leaders notified of expiring first aid qualifications

Medical Tracker monitors not only when medicines are 4-weeks away from expiry but also when your first aid training is due to be refreshed. Timetable your school first aid training to coincide with INSET days to reduce disruption to staffing rotas


Create risk and injury reports across your MAT


Reduced wasted staff time with first aid

Staff that are on first-aid duty can often be tied up during lesson times completing the relevant paperwork to record all incidents. Significantly reduce the reporting hassle by using Medical Tracker across several devices (including laptops, tablets and school phones).


30 seconds to input an injury incident

Staff time is drained by finding the parent information, writing a paper slip (if there are any printed), finding the pupil and hoping this is passed on to the parents after school. Check out our 30-second challenge to input an injury report to see how it works in real-time!


Notify parents of pupil injury immediately

The back-office staff are highly valued members of your staff team. Reduce their administrative overload by removing the need to source parent information to pass on injury or incident reports from teaching staff. Medical Tracker sends an automated email to parents notifying them of pupil injury and care administered.


Improve TA deployment across your MAT


Trust-wide health, safety and wellbeing management

Standardise recording and reporting first aid incidents across your MAT from your head office.

Trust-wide staff notifications 

Automate event-driven notifications to stay up to date with first aid incidents in across your MAT. Teachers are alerted to student incidents, parents notified of child injury or illness and serious incidents (hospitalisation) flagged to school leaders.


Create analysis reports for your MAT

Improve health and safety across your MAT, being proactive with injury hotspots (including mental health concerns). Share trust-wide reports with your trustees.


Near miss health and safety incidents recorded for MATs


We go the extra mile to ensure data security, protection and encryption


Students & Staff Profiles


Incidents Logged


Records Backed Up

ISO Accredited
ISO- 27001 accredited

Amazon AWS

UK-based data centres


GDPR compliant

Instant access to all your academies

Medical Tracker's centralised cloud-based software for MATs allows you to access all your school's records instantly.  

Standardise data and processes

With trust-wide control from your head office account, you can ensure all data is standardised allowing comparative reports and processes. From email templates for communicating incidents with parents/carers to the drop-down options in ‘treatment administered’ for an injury, you are in control.



Trust-wide visibility of injuries and accidents

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It helps me with our site manager and look at health and safety improvements. For example, In technology, the bulk of our injuries were eye injuries and it was through not wearing safety goggles. So we were able to locate what health and safety issues are happening in departments.
Judy Wilson
School Nurse, Kennet School
Parents receive instant notifications when incidents or medication administration are recorded. A full communication audit trail is saved. This helps parents feel that their child is well looked after at school- great for Ofsted!
Linda Hopper
Bursar,Bugbrooke Community Primary School
It's a really simple solution to a complex problem. I can't think why no one has come up with it before now. It’s also easy to get support and the system is being developed all the time.
Lynda Jackson
Senior Administrator & Finance Manager, Hawthorn Tree Primary School