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Accident investigation software for schools

Make accident investigations as straightforward as possible following a serious incident in schools. Our online incident investigation feature takes you through the accident investigation steps you must follow from start to sign-off.

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Accident witness statement template example on a laptop screen.

Accident investigation for serious incidents in school

Accidents can happen, especially when children participate in exploratory and active learning. Incidents that have been highlighted as requiring further investigation for health and safety concerns should be analysed in line with HSE statutory guidance. Medical Tracker helps schools to investigate injury and accident incidents online.

A laptop investigating a serious incident in school.

Highlight injuries and incidents of concern.

Some incidents will meet the RIDDOR investigation requirements, others may be increasing in frequency and severity and require intervention. Using online forms, school staff can flag incidents as requiring investigation. Account admins and those with admin permissions and visibilities receive notifications of accident investigation requests.

A notification warning for a headteacher about a serious incident.

Build a bigger incident picture in schools.

With the pre-build incident investigation forms, staff are required to add vital information such as contributing factors like extreme weather conditions. Other bigger picture information is required on the online accident investigation form, adding understanding of the activity undertaken during the accident.

Graphs showing pupil injury rates in schools.

Pre-built accident investigation forms for schools

It can be easy to forget important pieces of information when managing the investigation of a serious incident. Medical Tracker has pre-build accident investigation forms to make the process as straightforward as possible. The pre-build forms request information such as the type of activity, supporting risk assessments, associated witness statements and any contributing health and safety factors. Keeping all accident investigation information in one place.

Accident investigation template form for schools.

Access witness statements for accidents.

Having all important information relating to serious accidents and incidents in a school makes the analysis much simpler. Accessing any uploaded witness statements and supporting videos and images help with the accident investigation process.

Witness statement template for schools.

Upload important accident investigation documents

Your school will have countless risk assessments created over the years, support the health and safty precautions taken by your staff by uploading risk assessments detailing the procedure your staff are expected to follow. Having all information in one place can save time if any discussions are needed with governors, legal representation or the local council.

A laptop with attached witness statement evidence for a school.

Track the status of a school accident investigation.

Once the incident investigation is underway it is useful for leadership and your health and safety officer to stay in the loop with how the investigation is going. Utilising the notifications feature for those with account admin permissions and visibilities, staff members can monitor the status, tracking and sign-off of internal accident investigations across the school. This feature is particularly beneficial for MAT CEOs who are wanting to keep a track of several school incidents.

A 70% complete accident investigation status piechart for schools.

Consistency of health and safety processes in schools.

Consistency of health and safety processes when dealing with serious incidents is important, especially within a MAT. Ensure all staff understand and comply with your school’s health and safety policy when recording serious incidents that require further investigation.

A checklist showing consistency of health and safety practices in schools.

Create accident investigation reports.

Governors, local authority members or your health and safety officer all may benefit from seeing health and medical reports linked to your schools accident investigation process. Analysing the number of incidents, the type of incidents and the staff members involved in serious incidents.

An example of an accident investigation form.

Why schools love Medical Tracker

Medical Tracker has helped us electronically and professionally upload accident/incidents of children in a quicker and more efficient way. We have also been able to store children's care plans, and upload onto Medical Tracker any medication required for children.
Nicola Jackson
Administrative Officer
It helps me with our site manager and look at health and safety improvements. For example, In technology, the bulk of our injuries were eye injuries and it was through not wearing safety goggles. So we were able to locate what health and safety issues are happening in departments.
Judy Wilson
School Nurse

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