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Remove paper records in your school or trust

The UK's leading cloud-based system for student and staff health management.

  • Get rid of slip notifications and accident books
  • Centralise your records so everything is in one place
  • Simple and easy to use for all staff

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🎉 Trusted by 75,000+ staff in 2,000+ schools

University of Brighton Academies Trust Premier Education-1 Three Bridges Primary School North Star Community Trust Furze Platt Senior School Cognita Kingsbridge Educational Trust Fourfields Community Primary School Step Academy Trust Light Oaks Junior School Maritime Academy Trust Harris Federation Gildredge House Aquila Trust Southmead Primary School Cavendish Learning Trust Thornton Primary School King Hedges Education Federation-1 Harris Primary Academy Purley Way-1 The Howard Partnership Trust-1 Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy Lindfield Primary Academy



What is Medical Tracker?

Medical Tracker, born in 2015 out of necessity, addresses the challenge faced by a School Business Manager burdened with managing health records via outdated paper-based systems for over seven years. Unable to find a suitable alternative, he created Medical Tracker to streamline administrative processes in schools and trusts.

This online platform eliminates paperwork, enhances communication with parents/carers and staff, and facilitates effortless data analysis. Seamlessly integrating with management information systems, Medical Tracker enables recording, tracking, and management of injuries, illnesses, accident investigations, care plans, medication administration, and more. Trusted by over 75,000 school staff.

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Loved by customers.

Parents receive instant notifications when incidents or medication administration are recorded. A full communication audit trail is saved. This helps parents feel that their child is well looked after at school- great for Ofsted!
Bugbrooke Community Primary School
Linda Hopper
Bugbrooke Community Primary School
Ofsted’s questions were answered in less than 15 minutes. Our medical room cannot operate without this!
Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust
Serin D’Ogullari
Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust
Every student’s medical history is accessible online. Including school health care plans, medication administration, first aid incidents and medication expiry dates!
South Shields School
Andrea Beckett
South Shields School
A great product and a great company!
Three Bridges Primary School
Jo Williams
Three Bridges Primary School
With paper, notification slips a thing of the past, easy to use drop downs and automated notifications Medical Tracker not only helps safeguard students but also save a lot of time.
Sir James Smith's School
Sally Mason
Sir James Smith's School
Schools no longer have mountains of paperwork or have to send paper slips home to parents. Considering all this information has to be saved until a student is 25 years old this not only saves paperwork but a lot of time!
Parkside Middle School
Susan Fletcher
Parkside Middle School
It's a really simple solution to a complex problem. I can't think why no one has come up with it before now. It’s also easy to get support and the system is being developed all the time.
Hawthorn Tree Primary School
Lynda Jackson
Hawthorn Tree Primary School
This system has made the medical provision in our school more streamlined, efficient and effective. They constantly ask for feedback and new ideas. The ideas and suggestions you make are taken into consideration and you often see these changes implemented almost straight away.
Oakington Manor Primary School
Craig Wain
Oakington Manor Primary School
The product is brilliant; every detail is recorded on Medical Tracker. It is easy to access the pupils' medical information. All first aiders are listed with first aid qualification expiry dates and reminders are sent to the school for renewal.
William Tyndale Primary School
Tina Gabriel
William Tyndale Primary School
It helps me with our site manager and looks at health and safety improvements. For example, In technology, the bulk of our injuries were eye injuries and it was through not wearing safety goggles. So we were able to locate what health and safety issues are happening in departments.
Kennet School
Judy Wilson
Kennet School
For the school, tracking first aid incidents is much easier, we are more accurate and we have a paperless first aid room. This is a great product providing value for money and the customer service is excellent.
Sharon Riddell
St Anne's Infants' School

Integrate your existing MIS

Effortlessly import your MIS data.  Every 24 hours, your school's data will synchronise automatically.


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