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Does the following sound familiar in your school?

Hours searching for an incident you are investigating.

Paper notification slips for parents.

Hand-written paper first aid records.

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Did you know there is a better way...

No more hand-written paper records to sift through

With real-time software, you can access and filter data from any device without worrying about it being inaccurate or old. Get exactly the right data from Medical Tracker, exactly when you need it on one centralised platform. Real-time medical history search- headache free (pun intended).

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Effortlessly update parents via secure, instant notifications

Calling parents and sending students home with slips has always taken a lot of time. But when you’re juggling the care of hundreds of students, your messages don’t always reach parents.

Did you know you can notify parents immediately of any new incidents regarding their children at school with Medical Tracker? You can send them an immediate email, text, print out a later or record a telephone call.

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Record incidents simply and painlessly

Paper records can be a quick way to record incidents in schools and ,with varying computing expertise, we understand that moving to an online system can be hard for certain members of staff.

That's why we've made it as simple as possible with easy to use drop-downs, pre-populated fields and DfE required fields having to be filled in before saving it makes it as easy as ABC.

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Pull accurate and easy-to-read H&S reports in minutes

Analysing paper recorods, entering the data into Excel spreadsheets and creating graphs that takes hours just to pull up a report has always been part of the job - until now. With Medical Tracker, you can complete an entire afternoon’s worth of reporting work in a matter of minutes.

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Recording medication use

Record of all medicines administered to individual children, stating what, how and how much was administered, when and by whom.

Recording first aid incidents

Schools should keep a record of any first aid treatment given by first aiders and appointed persons.

Retention periods

Records of accidents involving pupils should be kept for a period of 25 years from the pupil's date of birth.

First aid qualifications

Schools should keep a record of first aiders and certification dates

Tracking medication expiry

Medicines have expiry dates so you know when to use them by. After the expiry date medicines may not be safe and lose some or all of their effectiveness (ability to work).

Feeling Unwell

Parents should be informed if their child has been unwell at school.

Creating care plans

Governing bodies must ensure that arrangements are in place in schools to support pupils at school with medical conditions.

Medication consent forms

No child under 16 should be given prescription or non-prescription medicines without their parent’s written consent.


Accident statistics can indicate the most common injuries, times, locations and activities at a particular site. These can be a useful tool in risk assessment, highlighting areas to concentrate on and tailor first-aid provision to.

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