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Branfil Primary School

A popular community school in Upminster supporting children from 5 to 11 years old.


Branfil Primary School is an average-sized primary school based in Upminster. Supporting pupils from age 5- 11, over 600 children are on Branfil’s roll. Employing over 70 staff, the need for a consistent approach to health and safety was a priority for the school medical team and supporting leadership team. Sue Dyer, a member of the medical team spoke to us about Branfil’s experience with Medical Tracker.

Sue explains why Branfil Primary School replaced paper-based accident slips with Medical Tracker in 2018 and hasn’t looked back.


“We just couldn’t be sure if an injury slip had made its way home and needed a better system for our first aid provision.”


What problems does Medical Tracker solve?

  • Medication is recorded online, meaning parents know when to next give Calpol or other medicines after school time.
  • All accident information is streamlined to one location, meaning staff have access to injury information and injury reports.
  • Injury and health and safety reports are created highlighting areas of increased risk and frequent first aid visitors.


Medical Tracker for schools

Branfil Primary School previously used paper accident slips to inform parents of injury and wanted a more robust and secure method of communicating incidents with parents. Sue explained the real life benefits it has for parents as well as school staff, helping parents to know when to give the next dose of medicine using the recommended 4-hour wait window with minimal staff interaction.

Joining in 2018 due to the headteacher hearing about Medical Tracker from another school, Branfil Primary School successfully records incidents, creates reports and utilises many other features with ease.


What impact has Medical Tracker had on first aid provision?

  • Sue and the medical team can now access any information about recorded incidents with the click of a button.
  • The easy-to-use software means new staff pick up how to use Medical Tracker quickly, with little additional training needed.
  • Parents like the fact they are informed of any injuries. They do occasionally ring for more information, but the office team has the details to hand, making for a quick conversation.



At A Glance



  • An ineffective accident recording system
  • Scattered medication administration process
  • Lack of guarantee that parents had seen injury slips


Medical Tracker solutions

  • All medical, health and wellbeing information in one place.
  • Parents are notified via email about any medication administered.
  • Ability to see if a parent has viewed an injury notification email.
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“If you still use paper systems, I recommend using Medical Tracker. It is so handy to find information quickly.”

Sue Dyer, Medical Team at Branfil Primary School

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It helps me with our site manager and look at health and safety improvements. For example, In technology, the bulk of our injuries were eye injuries and it was through not wearing safety goggles. So we were able to locate what health and safety issues are happening in departments.
Judy Wilson
School Nurse, Kennet School
Parents receive instant notifications when incidents or medication administration are recorded. A full communication audit trail is saved. This helps parents feel that their child is well looked after at school- great for Ofsted!
Linda Hopper
Bursar,Bugbrooke Community Primary School
It's a really simple solution to a complex problem. I can't think why no one has come up with it before now. It’s also easy to get support and the system is being developed all the time.
Lynda Jackson
Senior Administrator & Finance Manager, Hawthorn Tree Primary School