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Refer schools and you both receive a 10% discount
(but yours is forever):


Refer schools using your unique referral link.

Share your unique link (above) with other schools via email or through social media. They can then organise a free online demonstration of Medical Tracker by completing the form. 


The referred school signs up and receives a
10% discount.

If one of your referred schools signs up and subscribes to Medical Tracker, we'll discount their first year's licence by 10%.


You will receive a 10% discount for each school, forever.

The more schools you refer, the cheaper your annual licence becomes. If 10 schools sign up, your account is free, forever*.

The rules:

➡️ *If you sign up 10 schools a £99 + VAT charge per year will still be due for the integration with your Management Information System. 

➡️ The 10% discount for each school referred is for the standard licence and does not include add-ons. For example SSO, MFA or text bundles would be classed as an add-on.

➡️ A school is assigned to the first school that refers them so if two Medical Tracker customers refer the same school it will only be a referral for the first school that referred them

➡️ If a school has already expressed an interest in Medical Tracker through our website and then you refer - they will not be counted as a referred school.

➡️ If you have previously referred schools they will not be elidgable. Referrals will only count from 06 June 2024 onwards - we will not backdate referrals

Medical Tracker Referral Scheme FAQ: